About TGS:

 The Gera School emerged out of the Gera family’s promise to ‘Grow with Goa’, thus opening a school with an International (Cambridge) curriculum and high-quality facilities, not out of a commercial imperative but to give back to the citizens of Goa by providing  high-quality education to the children in and out of the classroom.

The School ensures that the educational Programme prepares students for life and for living: i.e. the Curriculum ensures that the students leave with academic proficiency in their different subjects of choice and, so, enable them to gain admission into institutes of higher education or Vocational institutes but also provides them with a sound knowledge of competencies that would help them navigate life’s journeys successfully – persuasive communication, grit, critical thinking, collaboration, empathy, to name a few.

Even more importantly, the School is very particular about ensuring that the Programme is varied enough to cater to the individual needs and abilities of the students. Thus the credo ‘Nurturing Individuality’.



The primary reason for instituting The Gera School Scholarships Scheme is to provide a wider array of students to benefit from the high standards of instruction and be transformed by the  co-curricular and Life Skills programmes of the school.
The Gera School Scholarships will be awarded to a limited number of students who consistently display high academic proficiency in their current school.  
We will also award Bursaries to those who would like to receive financial assistance to help their wards benefit from an education at TGS. 
As the school offers a limited number of scholarships and issuing of the same will be at the sole discretion of the school. Acceptance or rejection of the scholarship will be without assigning reason, and the school will not be required to provide any reasons for the same.  

The Gera School
Scholarship Application

Scholarship Form
Category of Application

Parent’s Information:

Student’s Information:

Date of Birth:

Academic Report

Co-curricular Report

Previous Scholarships

(If the student has secured/availed of any other scholarships previously)

A brief essay about yourself, your passion, and goals. Say how and why being a part of TGS helps you to achieve your goals.

All scholarship applicants to The Gera School Studentship will be asked to provide official verification.

For Bursary Scholarships, Parent’s would need to furnish the following documents:

  Parent’s Salary certificate (attested) / Income Tax Returns of the last two years.

Please note the following eligibility:

  Bursary Scholarship : For Students of all Grades.

   Academic Proficiency Scholarship: Currently in Grade 6 and above – for all the students who wish to join TGS.